Best Clash of Clans Tips, Secrets and Tricks

Gems in Clash of Clans

Best Clash of Clans Tips, Secrets and Tricks for Beginners

Clash of Clans is a fantasy-themed mobile strategy video game. In this player is the Chief of village. This game tasks player to make their own town by using the resources gained from attacking other different players. The main resources are elixir, dark elixir and gold. In clash of clans, the groups of up to fifty people can partake in Clan Wars. They can also receive, donate, troops and talk with each other by using different game fixtures.
Here are some Tips, which can be very useful in clash of clans.

1. Save your Gems and Keep Calm:

Every game has a premium currency system which allows free to play and unlocking different features in games which help us to improve our progress. You just have to keep calm for the right time. You should make a point to complete achievements to build our gem count.

The must spent on builders huts. Gems can better use to boosting your own production buildings. When you have enough gems, save them for a specific purpose. You have to think hard and long about what’s most important to you in the game. Saving gems and spending them on your important resources that make you stronger is the best thing.

2. Surprise Traps!!

In Clash of Clans you’ll definitely face surprise traps. When you are attacking something specific you should prepare yourself to face traps.

Let’s suppose you are attacking a Giant base and see some heavy funneling, which make Spring Traps pretty some, you should think about beating the base.

3. Bad Timing of Spells:

In Clash of Clans, spells are used to make your life very easy. Spells are the magical weapons used in a crucial time while fighting with your different enemies. When you push your limits while attacking you should use spells in crucial times. Spells are basically used in the spell series.

Spells have many different types like lightning spell, jump spell, clone spell and freeze spell. Dark spells like poison, earthquake and skeleton are also very famous.

4. Lay of Land Strategy:

The main strategy of Clash of Clans is to build as many walls between your resources and outside as many as possible. To make this first you have o make sure that there were no spawn able tiles within your base. You should also make sure that there were no gaps in your perimeter.

Also putting your buildings into small compartments formed by creating walls will slow down your enemy. You should fill your cell with buildings, this prevents the damage of wall breaker. You must locate your powerful defenses more closely to the center of your base. If your defenses are working properly, then it definitely increases your odds of successfully repelling an attack.

5. Wisely Pick Your Target:

If you are at high level it doesn’t mean that should find the weaker one. By targeting the weaker ones, you have to spend more resources and this will not help you to increase your level. In my opinion you should go after your enemy with a handful of goblins rather than a full army.

By this trick you may lose but you will have more resources. You should use these types of wise tricks rather than fighting the weaker enemy and using spending more resources.

6. Build a Strong Army:

Before going into the War, you should know about your battlefield. You should arrange and manage your army. You also have to upgrade the air defense which helps a lot during Wars. You should have to build strong walls, otherwise if your walls are low level, just go for land battlefields.

Then pinpoint the weakness and strengths of your target just before launching your attack. Strong army also plays an important role in Wars.

7. Shields Up:

During Wars, shielding is the best way to protect our self. In attacks if your town is destroyed and your base is wiped out, then in these cases you have some time. You should use that time for your advantage. Take some time to figure out and calculate that how should you improve your economy and build your army to attack further.

Shields are very useful and they are enough to move voluntarily your town hall when you want. In some cases Clan Wars don’t affect your shield timer at all. You should have to keep some tabs on your shield timer. When it expires, you probably get some time to attack and also others can’t attack you by this.

Thus you can’t be attacked when you are online and during playing the game. To keep yourself secure, you should keep your device running the game all day.

8. Strategy to Execute the Boost Points:

Before using the boost points, you should better know the best course of action. You should max up to three BP to get an extra physical attack. By this technique, your skills and elements of attack becomes more powerful than ever.

To break the enemy and destroy their shields, you should definitely use the Boost Points. Using a charged up elementary attack on the destroyed enemy is also a key to success in Wars.

Final Words!!

In Clash of Clans, during the Wars you should prepare yourself to face the difficulties. You should build as many strategies as you can. You should make your defense very strong.

By creating a lot of walls will allows you to spend minimum resources. You should make your shield protection very strong and the plus point is that you can get help by your teammates in crucial times.

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